Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Most professionals would probably agree that the time, work and energy devoted to earning their licenses -- in whatever fields they practice --allow them to feel confident in their abilities to choose their situations. In whatever their chosen professions (medicine, accountancy, etc), holding a license allows the individual the option of self-employment, working for another company, consulting, or considering many other interesting opportunities.

Sometimes, professionals who hold licenses, find themselves in the uncomfortable situation where another party has filed a complaint with the administrative body that oversees that group of professionals. These situations can be extremely frustrating and the first steop of the license holder should be to find an experienced administrative law attorney. Attorneys who paractice administrative law can help guide the professional through the unfamiliar complaint process, defend friolous claims, and help negotiate solutions and remedies that will satisfy the parties involved.

A license holder may be represented by a union (police, teachers, etc). The unions often have experienced attorneys who are familiar with the situations that have been encountered in the past and, in some cases, can assist in these situations. However, at the onset of any potential matter, the license holder is probably best served by consulting an independent adminstrative law attorney before making any comments to any person, group or group representative pertaining to the matter at hand.


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