Milford Landlord/Tenant Attorney

For almost two decades, The Opin Law Firm has worked with landlords and tenants to prevent and resolve commercial and residential leasing and rental issues. A well-drafted lease outlining the conditions and expectations of landlord and tenant is a good start to a successful relationship. We draft leases to protect both parties and hopefully, prevent problems before they occur. We can help you understand Connecticut landlord/tenant laws and how they protect landlord and tenant rights.

Some of the landlord/ tenant issues we address fall into the following categories:

  • Evictions
  • Property Damage
  • Collection of Unpaid Rent
  • Review of Existing and Preparation of New Leases
  • Breach of Landlord Rules
  • Nuisance Matters

Please contact our firm to arrange a free and confidential appointment should you need help resolving a landlord/tenant matter such as though listed above.